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Instructions for Online Presentation

All presentations will be delivered using a VoD streaming service. Speakers will be asked to submit their pre-recorded presentation videos (15 mins/presentation) about two weeks prior to the virtual conference. The deadline for submission is "27th April 2021". The presentation videos will be posted on the QCAV2021 Online Conference Site on a week before the conference. Please note that only registered participants can access the videos and download the proceedings in PDF format.

In addition to the VoD presentations described above, on the days of the conference, the accepted general talks will be divided into three days, with about 20 presentations a day.

All general talks (real-time presentations) and plenary talks will be held via a video conference system (Zoom). A Zoom conference room will be allocated to each speaker. In the remaining two hours after the plenary talk, the speaker will give a brief explanation and answer questions while displaying a poster-like document on the screen. If the question and answer session is lively, we will allow an extension of up to one hour.

For more details, please refer to the "Guidelines for Presenters".
Guidelines for Presenters(PDF)

Video Presentation Submission

Please upload your pre-recorded presentation video (15 min/presentation) by following the procedures given below. The deadline for submission is "27th April 2021". To avoid multiple uploads of the same file, please make sure to upload only one video file per presentation. Please note that papers without video upload will be treated as no-show papers.

Video Submission Procedures

Please access the following "QCAV 2021 Presentation video uploader".
After login with user ID and password. you upload the presentation video.

The user ID and password will be emailed to each contact author until from takimoto [at] by around 29th March 2021.

Video Upload Requirements

The pre-recorded presentation videos must satisfy the following requirements: Uploaded videos will be encoded into the streaming video format with the following configuration:
- Video bit rate: 2M [bps]
- Video size: 1280 x 720 [pixels] (Aspect ratio 16 : 9)
- Video frame rate: 60 [fps]
If the specification of an uploaded video does not match the encoding configuration above, the specification will be adjusted automatically.